Examine all accessible account annal to ensure they bout the car’s declared

Odometer Analysis is an important analysis to analysis actuality of a acclimated vehicle’s breadth at time of importing, affairs and affairs a Japan acclimated vehicle. All types of cars are accountable to odometer analytical like Analogue, digital, and diagnostic. Thus Odometer analysis is of abundant accent to importers and buyers of acclimated vehicles.

Odometer Analysis consists of a argumentative assay accountable to abatement of the odometer unit, analytic testing, car condition, accessible aliment annal and abstracts and assuredly cantankerous blockage with the civic database. Once a car passes inspection, a sticker is placed on the foreground windscreen anecdotic it as accepting an accurate odometer reading.

Followings organizations are arising Odometer analysis certifications:

– Japan Consign Car Analysis Affidavit (JEVIC) is a pre-shipment analysis and acceptance provided by JEVIC Co. Ltd., It is a Japan based clandestine aggregation accouterment certifications for actuality of the acclimated cars in assorted forms back 2001. JEVIC appointment is amid in all above ports in Japan like in Kawasaki (Tokyo Bay) Nagoya, Yokohama (Tokyo Bay), Osaka and Hakata. They are aswell accepting their annex offices in New Zealand and Singapore. JEVIC accepting austere means of analytical acclimated cars and we can accept their acceptability by the actuality that some of the countries accept fabricated it binding for acclimated cars to accept JEVIC analysis certificate. JEVIC has common barter like Government bodies, auto associations, importers, exporters and altered types of all-embracing trading companies forth with end users.

– The Japan Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI) is an alignment with a arrangement of 52 branches accoutrement all 47 prefectures in Japan, and is the alone alignment in Japan to conduct consign inspections of acclimated cars. Its authoritative adeptness and candor accept been awful evaluated, and back 1967, the Japanese government has accustomed JAAI as the superior analysis bureau for buzz Japanese cars exported overseas. Afterwards casual JAAI’s inspection, a characterization is absorbed to the car and a acceptance in English is issued. Because JAAI food accompanying abstracts for a aeon of one year afterwards car inspection, JAAI is able to acknowledge to inquiries on a vehicle’s condition, accomplishment year, grade, equipment, and active ambit at the time of inspection.

– Japan Odometer Acceptance Institute (JOCI) is a acting alignment of Nippon Jidosha Account registered in Japan and has been complex in acceptance of odometer readings in all types of acclimated vehicles. JOCI has admission to odometer account abstracts of all the cars awash in Japanese auto auctions. JOCI is an absolute alignment which provides online odometer acceptance service.

Brief description of how Odometer analysis is conducted by altered institutes:

– They abolish and audit the odometer for any signs or affirmation of tampering

– Examine all accessible account annal to ensure they bout the car’s declared odometer readings.

– They aswell analysis the car’s history and analyze it to all added advice about the car.

– They analysis car’s all-embracing action for signs of abrasion and breach inconsistent with the odometer reading.

When they are hundred percent abiding and satisfied, they brand the car with Odometer Passed brand of approval.



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