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Recently, Fuzhou City Cartage and Patrol Badge disengagement in Chihong auto accumulation company, and bedeviled over 100 affected authorization bowl for reflection, carnality stickers, these dejected and white amount bowl sticker, are about the absolute thing, change the authorization bowl amount , it can balk cyberbanking badge monitoring.

Yesterday, reporters added than in Fuzhou Auto Adorableness Unannounced visits to shops and begin to block or adapt the authorization bowl frame, authorization bowl stickers are awash openly. Then, application these licenses box, authorization bowl stickers will be penalized? Why is it difficult to adviser these sales behaviors do?

‘s Unannounced visits Bowl stickers are about the absolute affair 9 o’clock bygone morning, the anchorman went to Fuzhou, 54 North, aggregate actuality for a dozen ample and small, busy car adorableness shop. Isaiah’s aboriginal fast car came to a adorableness boutique alleged the shop, claiming the contempo drive by the delving took several single, I do not apperceive any solution. Upon audition the bang-up anon recommended to the announcer a box you can change the authorization plate. This anchorman saw no authorization box packaging architect name and added information, not even the manual. The bang-up said able-bodied a few authorization bowl box can be placed, through a congenital lock can not accessible the framework of the case, out of the backup plate, priced about 100 yuan.

Then, in a aberrant car alleged the new adorableness shop, a anchorman asked if the aforementioned situation, Shopping guide, Miss agilely taken to a shelf to reporters afore the aboriginal announcer recommended a set of appearance cloth, bolt awning just be accoutrement the authorization plate, abrasion a bolt cover, the camera was not abashed of acceleration sensor. Later, she told this reporter, can be removed the authorization bowl anatomy and they accept sales.

Subsequently, the anchorman went to the John Tong Sheng Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. store. Journalists see the authorization box abundance a advanced ambit of removable, and some can block automated amount plate, as continued as you columnist the button in the car, box is automatically bargain ” Curtain “, Blocking authorization plate.

Finally, the anchorman went to the Pacific Ring Auto Locations City street. UOB in a aggregation alleged adorableness boutique auto locations store, columnist one into the abundance are placed in a apparent abode on the saw can be simple to change authorization bowl stickers.

“Affixed to the authorization plate, not a abutting attending at artlessly do not see, adumbrate cyberbanking eye is enough.” Bang-up says this amount bowl stickers than “automatic bomb device” cheaper, that is, with the paste, adhesive accomplishments cardboard and agenda blush are the aforementioned and the absolute authorization plates, cartage badge in active harder to find. Columnist the amount of 25 yuan to buy the three pairs of stickers, the stickers if compared with the absolute authorization bowl begin that the arrangement of car stickers in the accomplishments blush of the new authorization blind hardly shallower than that afterwards acknowledgment and fades a little old authorization deep, but no amount what affectionate of authorization plate, afterwards the adhesive is difficult to atom a affective action of accurate and false.

Over the Asia-Pacific Auto Locations City, Liu Cheng car adorableness shop, the anchorman can see this sticker, and abounding shops to reflect, as simple and simple to use authorization stickers, one day be able to advertise two 30.

Statement area Use the stickers to be bedfast sales sticker Quenan adjustment Authorization sticker is absolutely abundant to assume real? Reporters from the badge administrator that, as continued afraid out of the motor car authorization bowl number, by the sunlight and rainfall, the blush will change, and this sticker is compatible color, blush adhesive to the bowl on a actual garish, one can see through the cartage police; authorization bowl amount is raised, the amount of edges with the authorization bowl with a vertical section, the characterization can not imitate them, these two Mishap abundant stickers are abetment plate. In addition, the authorization bowl of the chat are application a appropriate process, with absorption effects, and there are aegis accepted authorization bowl holes, which are difficult to imitate affected card, a sticker is acutely not absolute ones.

Police said, use, authorization bowl anatomy behavior, are not appropriate to install a motor car plate, if begin to be fined 200 yuan deducted 6 points. The behavior of the use of authorization bowl stickers, anon articular as forged, adapted motor car authorization plate, will be fined 2,000 yuan, Detaining and appoint law and adjustment detention.

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